OK everyone, here’s the gist for all our shenanigans this weekend!
XC Schooling on Thursday:
We’ll leave the barn at 11:30am in the following trailers:
My trailer- Balou, Max, Flynn, Moon
Sara’s trailer- Redwood, Satine, Georgia
Ride times:
2-3:30- Skye, Lily, Jax
3:30-4:30- Parker, Faith
4:30-6:00- Runner, Nito, Zoe P, Sara
Who’s staying on site and who’s returning home? Camping versus hotel-ing?? You need to make sure you have a plan for your pony, i.e. someone to walk him and make sure he’s fed/watered. I know that Faith will take cash or check, right Faith??😉😎 💴 
Friday schooling:
We can practice dressage or show jumping, it’s up to you! There’ll be SJ rounds in the afternoon. We’ll make a plan once we’re on site and get an idea of their scheduling!
And Saturday is the show- YIPPEE!!
Make sure your tack is clean and loaded, your horse has to be CLEAN, wear your nicest pants/polo with your snazzy new Peas belt, and let’s have a blast!! Gooo Peas!!!💥🏎💥
For those of you who haven’t been to this event before, it’s at Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden. Feel free to give me a shout if you have ANY other questions- there are NO dumb ones!😉😎
See you soon!!!