Hi everyone!
There’s good news and bad news:
I prefer bad news first. So, unfortunately, we don’t have enough entries for our two-phase this weekend to make the show run! There’s a lot of time and money that goes into putting the event on, and we don’t quite have the numbers. My apologies to those of you who’ve been diligently memorizing and practicing dressage tests; your efforts will come in handy later in the season, I promise!:)
However, there’s good news!
In lieu of our two-phase, we’re going to run a Peas jumper show, just for us. I do want everyone practicing riding stadium rounds on their own, in the arena alone, but we may as well have fun while we’re doing it!!
So…this is how Saturday will run:
We’re going to have generic stadium rounds from trot poles to 3’3″, at 3 inch intervals. For these divisions, there will be jump courses posted at the in-gate and everyone will jump the same course. Additionally, there will be four ‘fun classes’ at each height/level: Show Jump Relay; Peas’ Pick; Ride like a Million Bucks; and for those who are brave, The High Jump.
Class Descriptions:
Show Jump Relay: teams of two do the same course, relay-style, and the team who finishes the fastest wins.
Peas Pick: You smartly pick your own, nifty course and get as many fences jumped (cleanly) in the allotted time.
Ride Like a Million Bucks: Dollar bills, y’all! …between your leg and the saddle. Whoever finished their round with cash in place wins!
The High Jump: One fence…that keeps getting bigger. The last rider (and pony) standing without a rail/stop wins!:)
You’ll sign up for your classes on Saturday, or you can add or subtract as you go. Classes are $5 each. I’ve attached a general time schedule and a general list of those people who I think may want to ride in each class. This is only based on those of you who said you’d attend the two-phase, but all Peas are welcome if you let me know! And, based on the general list below, feel free to add other classes you like…particularly the fun ones! 🙂
General Schedule:
(People named in parentheses are suggested only :-))
10-10:30: Trot poles (Sherri and Truffle)
10:30-11:15: Xbar (Sherri, Jillian, Reilly, Susan, Truffle)
11:15-12:45: 2′ (Sara, Faith, Ruby G, Sophie, Mason, Zoe P, Jillian, Ellen, Reilly, Susan)
12:45-2:30: 2’3″ (same as suggested above)
2:30-3:30: 2’6″ (Anika, Bajian…and whoever wants to keep going!)
3:30-4:00 2’9″ (Anika, Bajian)
4-4:30 3′ and 3’3″ (any takers??)
And within these classes, we’ll do any fun rounds y’all are interested in!
We’ll start at 10 AM, but feel free to arrive early and warm-up. Yes, you still have to have your tack clean! And feel free to bring chairs, snacks, and other family members 🙂 Call me with any questions, see you tomorrow!