Lynnleigh is tomorrow- yippee!!
I’ve attached a document that has each of your ride times (and warm-up times- mainly for my information so I know where to be and when!) for both dressage and show jumping.  You’ll notice that I assigned each of you a specific show jumping time within the window that the secretary assigned to each division.  You certainly don’t have to show jump at that specific time and you can instead go any time during your division, but that time is the best time for me to hellllllp you:)
Make sure that you have memorized and/or walked your course prior to your show jumping time!  They’ll offer time to do this in between each division.  And then ask me if you have any questions about how your course will ride!  Your SJ course will be posted on the board outside the arena.
If you’ve signed up to ride an additional show jumping round (or dressage test), we’ll fit that into the schedule once we check in at the show office!
Bring plenty of food and a water bottle- there won’t be a concession stand this time around.
Here’s how trailering will work:
My trailer will leave North Fields at 6:45am, so be there at 6:15 to load your pony!  This trailer-load will include the following horses: Balou, Satine, Soro, Gigi
Ahdena will be at Lynnleigh at 12:45pm and she’ll be bringing Hal and Gwen.  Lizzie, you’re welcome to come with me and support your teammates during the day, or you can be at North Fields to help Ahdena load and you can ride down with her.  Either way, make sure your tack makes it to the show- ha!
Any questions??  It’s going to be fuuuuuun!!!
Lynnleigh ride times, May 21!