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Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall colors – this state really knows how to put on a good show!🍂 A few things to fill you in on: Firstly, we have a few events in October that we’re looking to add to the calendar. Next Saturday, October 9, Scotsman Center...

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Sunday FUNday! 🏆

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Park City Pony Clubbers on Tetrathalon - what a smashing success!!  It was thrilling to see all of those hard-working young horse people engaging with their horses and their teammates, chipping away at their common goals.  And a huge THANK...

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Knockin’ out those summer days! ⛅️

How is it possible that kids are already going back to school?  Holy 🐄.  No doubt you’re already feeling the buzz of the fall, but here, let me go ahead and add to your Activities Calendar 😉 Firstly, I’d love to get everyone back on Cross-Country- we need to get some...

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Announcements! 7/12/21 🌟

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday! ☀️ We’ve got some dates and deadlines coming up, so here’s my shout-out: The Event at Archer, scheduled for August 20-22 has just opened so get your paperwork in! You can find information here:...

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Thursday’s XC schooling at The Chicken!

  Here are XC times for Thursday!  For those who requested it, I tried to put everyone as late in the day as I could.  However, if it’s not late enough, let me know and I can try and switch you with someone from another group!  See you then! 12:15-1:15: Mary and...

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Skyline Take Two! 🎞

Here’s the schedule for Sunday at Skyline! Yippee!! Let me know if you have any conflict!⌚️ 11-12: Em 12-1: Azlan 1-2: Max, Georgia 2-3:30: Elle, Grace, Taylor, Lavender 3:30-4:45: Brooke, Xanthe, Sunny 4:45-6:15: Mary, Cayenne, Abby M, May

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