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Skyline trailering and other extraneous info 🚀

Hey all! Although it’s hard to imagine right now, this weekend at Skyline is meant to be glorious weather with equally glorious horses and riders! ☀️ 🏆  Dressage starts on Friday, with one phase each day through the weekend.  If you haven’t yet done so, check out your...

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Pumpkin TIME!!! 🎃

Hey everyone! Ok, here’s the revised XC schedule- I got it just a hair later!! 1:30-2:45: Lily, Skye, Parker, Katie 2:45-3:45: Bianca, Elle, Erika 3:45-5: Liv, Cayenne, Cara + May, Faith 5-5:45: Heidi, Abi 5:45-6:45: Courtney, Xanthe, Lucy (with Kim) 5:45-6:30: Grace...

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Team Training- FINALLY!!!

Gosh, it’s been ages, eh?!?  July and August have been busy! We have Team Training tomorrow!  It’s our last “summer schedule” TT, which means {drum roll}: 1-2pm: Trot poles and X-bar group 2-3:15pm: Intro and BN 3:15-5pm: Novice and Training Give me a shout if you...

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Announcements: Daniel, Hawley and Freeeeedom!!!

Hi Everyone! We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, so here are the deets.  If you’re not joining us for the Hawley Bennett Clinic, nor Freedom Fest down at Skyline, then come and cheer for us or and/or follow us on social media and you can be with us from afar! The first...

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