Hey guys!
Ok, just what Connie said…
Everyone is responsible for their own food (given the late notice), although the Jayco will be available for utensils, pans, etc. Feel free to bring snacks, drinks to share:)  The grill is available, and we’ll plan on using it on Friday, for sure!
Bring everything you need for your horse, as well as camping stuff (there are bathrooms), a bathing suit (we’ll try to find a pool, but we at least have the Virgin River), and all the recreation stuff (a football, cards, a book, I have horseshoes in my trailer etc.) Bring sunscreen, glasses, hats, bug spray, etc.  And I checked the weather; it should be in the high 80’s (perfect!).  Oh, and bring camping chairs!!!!
We won’t know the riding schedule until we’re down there, but either way, RELAXATION is the priority here, so plan on riding, enjoying yourselves, and just chilling:)
Departure plan:
I’ll be to Hunter to pick up Dime by 9:30am on Thursday.  I’d like to leave Heber by 1pm, and we’ll get to Mesquite by 6pm.  Connie, I’ll pick up yours about 12:30.
There are two camper trailers going; Beth and Susan, are you guys bringing tents or do you need somewhere to sleep??  We’ll all be camping in the same area.
I know I’ve left this until last minute and there are a million things I’ve forgotten, so just call/message if there are any questions.
I CAN’T WAIT for some quality R &R:)