Hi Everyone!
Here’s the schedule for the clinic this weekend- I’m SO looking forward to it!!
8am Mike
9am Joan/Jack
10am Jeffery/Trooper
11am Deb/Alekhine
1pm Ruby/Grace Kelly
2pm Annie/Melissa
3pm Anika/Satine
9am Mike/Joan
10am Jeffery/Jack
11am Grace Kelly/Ruby
1pm Deb/ Alekhine
2pm Anika/Satine
3pm Melissa/Annie
(Truffle- somewhere)
Some thoughts:
-Auditors are welcome!
-There’ll be breakfasty-type snacks, but bring lunches.  Oh, and if you have a chair, feel free to bring that, too.
-Dress warmly so you can enjoy hanging out:)
-We’re all going out to dinner Saturday night, so join us if you like!
– Call me if you’d like a stall and haven’t yet requested one.
– And don’t forget to clean your tack!
See you on Saturday!!:)