We’re back in the open, on cross-country.  Yippee!!
We’ll be at Skyline, with a full water jump, freshly harrowed tracks, and some sweet XC fences just begging to be jumped.  So…here’s the schedule:
Faith (Magnum)
Olivia (Riata)
Faith (Redwood)
And then Xena plays:)
Trailering organization:
Sara’s trailer: Ellie, Betty, Gwen (I wish I could throw Betty in my trunk and bring her to Creamayre so you wouldn’t have to drive the roads- sorry, Sara!)
Ahdena’s trailer: Gani, Balou
Kim’s trailer: Hal, Xena, Riata, Bones.
Let’s have hay bags and a few bales of hay out in front of the barn by Saturday night- whoever can help out with then, then great!  *If you don’t have a hay bag for this season, swing by Silver Eagle and pick one up.  Put your name on it and give it a home in one of the trailers!* Also, whoever wants to load things in my tack room the night before is welcome to do so- the keys are in the mailbox so locked it when you’re finished:)
Ahdena’s trailer and my trailer will leave NF at 7:30am! So, plan to be at the barn no later than 7am to help load your horse unless you’ve already organized with me that we’ll meet you there (in which case we’ll load your horse for you!).  Sara, how about a 7am pick up for Lizzie and then Jillian and Betty will be ready for you a few mins afterward? This should put you on the road around 7:30 as well:)
For those parents joining or for those of you meeting us there’s, this is where we’ll be: Skyline Eventing Park at Contoy Arena, 955 W 1000 S in Mt. Pleasant, UT
Questions? Excitement?  Don’t forget vets, crops, sunscreen, food, water, and a carrot
See you on Sunday!!