Hi Everyone!

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, so here are the deets.  If you’re not joining us for the Hawley Bennett Clinic, nor Freedom Fest down at Skyline, then come and cheer for us or and/or follow us on social media and you can be with us from afar!

The first announcement is that I’ve decided to reschedule the Daniel Stewart Clinicoriginally set for July 6-7th.  This was a very difficult decision because I’ve been waiting for years (!!) to host him with our group, but it was important that we get the absolute most out of his seminar and this summer didn’t seem like the time to do that.  Daniel’s clinics are based primarily on large groups of (excited, passionate, and eager 😍🤩) auditors who swallow up each of his insightful words while watching him work with 12 horses and riders. The auditors are key! And while we’re not short on bundles of excited ears and eyes, we continue to exercise caution surrounding large gatherings and I thought it best to host Daniel when we can really enjoy being together and learning together.  So that being said, the new date is April 24th and 25th, 2021. Mark your calendars!!

Ok, now back to the week in front of us.  Here is the trailering set-up for the Hawley Bennett clinic:

My trailer: Em, Xena, Pete, Hamilton- 8:30am departure.

Sara’s trailer: Georgia, Fayme, Soro- 10:00am departure.

Mimi’s trailer: Gigi and Cash- 2:00pm departure.

The clinic will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday at Alamo Farm: 8008 Long Rifle Rd in Park City, 84098 🏡

And then directly following the clinic, we’ve got Freedom Fest at Skyline Eventing Park in Mount Pleasant, Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th- yippee!!🎢

The weekend is a bit of jumble with separate events and our ride times spread throughout each day, so we have trailers leaving at various times and I’m hoping I’m accounting for every rider and every hauler!  If you have any challenge with what I set up here (your accommodations, your horse’s accommodations, the proximity of ride times etc.), please let me know.  And don’t panic if you need for your horse to go without you- we can take care of them, we promise!

Thursday afternoon departure at 3pm:

Kim’s trailer: Xena, Em, Cash, Atlas

(**Lisa, if we need to trade Atlas with Hamilton based on Max’s availability, that’s no problem.  It’s simply my preference that he’s on show grounds for as much adjustment time as possible.  We’ll play this by ear!)

Sara’s trailer: Georgia, Pete, Soro

Thursday PM departure:

Cara’s trailer: May, Hero

**Cara, I’m working on scooting your work day earlier in case you’d like to leave on Thursday evening.  Buttttt, you’re obviously free to come on Friday morning! 🚐⛺️

**Cara and Sara: We’ll have Sara bring Hero home at the end of the day on Friday and then Cara can bring a different two home on Saturday, yes?  Genius 🙇🏻‍♀️

Friday morning departure (9am-ish?):

Beth’s trailer: Molly, Moon, Hamilton.  Thanks, Beth!!!!

Friday evening departure (anytime you feel like, Mimi!):

Mimi’s trailer: Gigi and Woody (he should be a saint! 😇)

So there, that should get everyone to the show and we’ll meet all of our other Pea friends at the event.  Check Startbox Scoring for your ride times!

Are we EXCITED?!?!?🎳

See y’all soon!!!!🪂