Hi Everyone!
It turns out that Carol/Pegasus would like to start the show with the lower levels at 10am instead of 2’3″ and higher.  This is good news for us because while Mavis/Hero will be strutting their stuff at 2’9″, most of you will be enjoying the poles/crossbars:)
Here’s the schedule:
7:00 Leave North Fields
8:00 Load Dime at Hunter/leave
9:15 Arrive to Pegasus (Debi, we’ll meet you there!)
10:00 Show starts with trot poles: Debi
Continue through crossbars and 2′ (Maybe Alekhine gets to jump?)
And Mavis, we’ll cheer you on!
We should be back to Hunter by 3pm, and North Fields by 4pm.
I’ll bring 3 Peas polo shirts for those of you who don’t have them.  Otherwise, brush your ponies, clean your tack, and pack your cooler/lunch.
See you tomorrow!!