Hey everyone!
The Peas have been very busy; here’s a little bit to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on!
Some calendar changes:
* The Progressive Pea is our half day camp designed for the teens and midsize Peas. We will be doing refresher courses on braiding and wrapping, along with some other skills to keep your equine athlete happy and healthy this show season 🙂 However, because most people are out of town this week! So, I’ve rescheduled this camp for saturday, April 18 from 9 AM to 12 noon. I’d like to see EVERYone there since I know most, if not all, of you have had questions about general horse care over the last six months. Besides, it’ll be fun! 🙂 RSVP to me- the cost is $30.
*As many of you already know, I’ve been juggling lots of options for our Adult Spring Camp weekend, and in response to the general consensus, y’all want to RIDE for your weekend of fun!! So while I’d hoped to get outside clinicians such as Wendy Pohl and Sara Mittleider to teach our camp, the logistics did not seem to work. I’m currently planning on having these two fabulous instructors into North Field Stables for a later date this year, but in the meantime, we have to satisfy the need: let’s get some good quality time on our horses over big fences! 🙂 We’re going to have a Peas Show Jumping/Course Theory Clinic instead! The weekend will go as follows: Saturday morning will be Progressive Pea for the young ‘uns; Saturday afternoon- jump clinic, day one; Saturday evening- group barbecue at Northfield- 6pm, potluck style!; Sunday morning day two of clinic and more big jumps! All age riders are invited to participate in the clinic, and of course the dinner 🙂 The clinic is $45 each day.
Word on the street is that Coconino HT is open to receive entries. If you’re planning on going to Coconino, get to www. useventing.com to check out the omnibus listing and to submit your entry. Flagstaff here we come!!:)
A few things to note around the barn:
After much consideration, the dog policy has been revised in an effort to keep everyone safe AND to keep our canine friends coming to the barn each day. So…no unattended dogs. This means that when you’re working with your horse, either on the ground or in the saddle (including grooming/feeding/paying attention to your horse), your dog must either be in your car, in the NF pen, tied up away from horse/human feet, attached to you, or rented out to a delighted child who’s been brided to occupy your dog while you’re unavailable. I’m sure y’all understand why this has to be the case; please help everyone out with this so that we don’t have to go the way of every other boring barn out there and prohibit dogs altogether! We want our dogs around! Thanks:)
A teensy-bit less important North Field Stables item: don’t forget to pick up manure in both the outside arena and the indoor after you’ve ridden. It’s easy to forget after a most brilliant ride that leaves you wondering when will be your Olympic debut;)
If you have NOT received an email to access your client portal, or if you still can’t get into your client portal, I need to know! We’ll get it straightened out right away.
Call me with any questions…or just call me any time!