Hey all, here are a few more deeeeeeets!

For those of you shopping for new saddles, or if you’d like to upgrade what you have, there’s a great program hosted by CWD that allows children under the age of 18 to lease a saddle that is custom fit (and regularly adjusted) to the horse and to the rider.  The Rising Star Program is an excellent opportunity to ride in a top quality saddle at a lower price point and without commitment to the saddle once your child outgrows it🙌🏼 The CWD representative, Bronwen, will be at the barn next Friday, October 2nd fitting some riders so if you’re interested in the Rising Star Program and if you’d like to join Bronwen’s fitting next week, you can give her a call at 303-746-3178 🙋🏻‍♀️


We’re coming up on a very fun holiday at the end of October: HALLOWEEN!🎃🦄

Come to the barn and celebrate: Bring your horse, a few items to decorate him/her, your best game-face, and let’s party Thursday, Oct. 29 from 4-6 pm! 💃🏻

You’re welcome to get elaborate with your horse’s costume (ehem Bianca – we see your mama’s mad skills) or you can keep it simple and put some ribbon in his tail🎀 (because, let’s face it, don’t we already have enough to plan?!?). In either case, we’ll parade our horses while we pin tails on unicorns; wrap mummies; and have mounted trick or treat!  Yey!  Bring your own bucket for candy and of course, no costumes that’ll scare your ponies! 🎃💀👽

And then, once we’re in to November, not all the fun comes to an end!  We’ve invited the ultra-talented Barb Crabo back for another high-intensity, super fun jump clinic, November 7-8th.  We’ll be riding in groups of three and four and the cost will be $195 for two days.  This clinic is open to all of you who own your horse or who are leasing, but don’t worry; if you don’t yet have a horse or your own, or if you’re not feeling up for the ride, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to audit this amazing clinic and we recommend that everyone come out and soak up the knowledge!  RSVP to Kim!🤩🦄🚀

That’s it for now- have a great weekend!