We have some changes to the Fall Calendar…here you go!
As many of you may have noticed, Northern Colorado HT cancelled their event entirely.  However, we have some local shows that we’re going to be adding.  Please let me know asap if you’d like to attend any of these so that I can plan accordingly.
Sept 8: Intermountain Equestrian Two-Phase
Oct 6: Zephyr Mini Event
Oct 22: Intermountain Equestrian Two-Phase
I’ve also had requests for continued XC schooling throughout the fall.  I’m happy to go out to play on the XC course as long as you are!  Let me know if you’re interested:)
ALSO…and this is really important:
You’ll notice that there’s a new tab under ‘Events’ entitled ‘Peas’ Prints’.  Right now, there are some pictures of a very cute dog who is a friend of Arami’s.  But soon, we’re going to have photos from all of our horse shows, courtesy of our fabulous Santa Fe photog- Josh Bronfman.  He took some amazing photos at Santa Fe and ‘Peas’ Prints’ will be the place to view these photos, as well as a place to purchase them from Josh directly.  He won’t attend every event, but maybe if we’re nice to him, he’ll be hanging out with us a lot.  Welcome, Josh!!!