Hey Kidlets!
It’s back to our favorite time of the year- The Chicken!  Here’s the scoop:
We’ll school XC all day Friday (tomorrow), we’ll walk stadium Friday evening, camp and hang out (bring your camp gear, tents, sleeping bags, food, coolers etc.) and then the show starts bright and early Saturday morning:)
10:30: Geoffery and Toby
12:45: Zoe(horse), Melissa, Anika
2:15: Zoe, Bajian, Lisa
3:45: Karen, Brooke, Colleen, Kirsten
5:15: Kelly P., Susan, Sandy
We’ll walk stadium courses from 7:30-8:30
My trailer: Zoe, Bells, Brava
Nicole’s trailer: Reef, Prissy, Timmy
Kellie’s trailer (returning Friday evening): Geoffery and Toby
And for the Silver Creek Group: If it turns out to be the case that the Waltersons can find a farrier, Anika has an extra trailer spot for Colleen’s horse, Jeffery:)
See you all at Golden Spike!  Call with any questions!:)