Hey Kidlets! Here are the stats on The Chicken Event:
We are now leaving Friday morning! We’ll leave the barn at 8 AM, so be sure to arrive with enough time to wrap your horse and get him loaded.
Hal, Bones, Skip, and Soro are in my trailer, and the rest of you guys have your own wheels- boo ya!!
We’ll arrive at Golden Spike about 10 AM, which will give everyone enough time to get horses settled and camp set up. Bring your tents, coolers, plenty of food and beverages, and we’ll stuff our Peas Village full:)
However, as of right now, the weather calls for rain this weekend. If we decide that we don’t want to be slopping around in the wet, we’ll get some emergency hotel rooms. *Let me know if you’d rather stay in a hotel room!!*
And then on Friday from noon to 2pm will be dressage schooling. Sign up with Kim if you’d like a dressage lesson.
Schooling jump rounds:
2-4pm is BN
4-6pm is Grasshopper and Novice
XC course walks:
5-6pm: BN and Novice
6-6:30pm: Grasshopper
And we’ll walk show jumping at 7:30am Sat morning!
**Don’t forget to bring or borrow a pinny for XC!
I think that’s all for now! Call me with questions!!:)