I hope everyone had a great weekend! For those Peas who attended the Pegasus mini event, congratulations on a great show! 🙂
A few things:
Firstly, Joan and I are working on getting the simplifythis calendar underway. This should not only simplify the scheduling process, but it’s one step closer to having all of our needs met on one system. Oh the potential!! In the meantime, for ALL scheduling requests, please TEXT me directly. It’s going to be ‘old school’ for a few weeks to tide us over, so thanks to everyone for their flexibility and understanding!
Speaking of texting, I need everyone who is planning to compete in our schooling show this weekend to send me a text with your horse’s name and desired level. Many of you mentioned that you’d accidentally delayed sending in your entry, so I figure we can handle Peas ‘in-house’ and that’ll help me get ride times up and out in a timely manner 🙂 I’ll have all Peas fill out paperwork at the office on the morning of the show, along with submitting payment. If you’re super on top of things and you already submitted your entry, I apologize ahead of time for being redundant and I appreciate the text nonetheless! And if you don’t plan on riding this weekend, definitely come out to support. There’ll be lots of great rides to watch, along with friends and fun. The schedule will be posted on our website on Thursday evening 🙂
Thanks to everyone who came out and help jump painting yesterday. And a monster thanks to Zoe S. and Ruby G. who spearheaded the whole endeavor! We’re looking forward to some fun and colorful course jumping 🙂
Finally, congratulations to Chase and Daisy Erhard on their purchase of Maizie. Those three ladies will be sooo happy together, and we’re all happy for you!
Have a great week!!