Winter Announcements:
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and staying warm.  Here are a few notes on your Peas family…
It’s with great sadness that I announce the passing of Faith Redmond’s fabulous partner, Soleil, this month.  Soleil was a smart, diligent, kind horse who knew his job and always looked to please.  On Soleil’s back, Faith learned balance, independence, and introspection, as well as all the pride and self-respect that comes along.  We will all miss Soleil dearly- his quiet, contemplative demeanor nurtured everyone in his presence.   In addition, and I know I can also speak for Faith, I personally thank him for his faithful contribution to Faith’s education.  Faith is a finer rider as a result of her experience with Soleil and as Faith looks toward inevitable success and happiness in her horse career, she and all her future equine partners will have Soleil to thank.  We’ll miss you, Soleil!
On a brighter note, a wonderful relationship always starts somewhere and that’s why I’m thrilled to congratulate Susan and Maddy Helier on their purchase of Brava.  After an exciting year-long lease with The Heliers, Brava is now a permanent member of the family she loves so much.  I’m looking forward to watching Brava bloom as a top class Eventer, not to mention participating in Susan and Maddy’s progress toward achieving their own goals on a smart and capable mare.  I couldn’t ask for a more appropriate partner for these two ladies- congratulations!
2013 is wrapping up and our End of the Year Party is set for January 4th.  An Evite has been sent to everyone- check your email.  However, let me know if you didn’t receive your invitation; you won’t want to miss out on this!  In anticipation of a killer slideshow at our party, please submit photos of you, your child, or your horse to Zoe Smith:  We want to see your smiling face! Feel free to call me with questions.
With regard to lessons, the schedule at North Fields is set such that Monday through Thursday at prime time (4pm to 6pm), the arena is open to all those who are free riding.  In order to share arena space, lessons in Midway are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Thanks for being flexible and making these days/times work for you.
Finally, 2014 will mark the beginning of a new fee schedule for those of you who aren’t leasing, or those of you who don’t own your own horses.  In order to account for the upkeep and maintenance of our beloved horses, all students who have completed their first six lessons and wish to continue riding will pay a $10 horse rental fee on top of their lesson fee.  We encourage all aspiring equestrians to lease or purchase their own horses in order to improve their riding and to establish a greater connection both with their partner and with our sport.  However, if you’re not certain about your horsey commitment, or if there is no room for a horse in your pocket book, the $10 horse rental will cover the ‘cost of equipment’ during your lesson.  Thanks for your understanding!
See you all in January!!