Hi Everyone!

It’s time for your weekly/monthly/whenever-kim-gets-around-to-it installment of “Wait, what’s going on??”  Here are you 3 Peas Announcements! 📰 

Many of you may have already heard through the grapevine that 3 Peas in a Pony is modifying its program somewhat- we’re so excited for the changes we’re making!!  We are now (unofficially, until I tweak our website) dedicating our program to Intermediate and Advanced riders, those who own or who lease a horse of their own.  This means that we’ll no longer be accepting new riders in need of our schooling horses and will only accept those riders who have their own mount. 🦄  For those of you already in our program without your own pony, don’t worry, you’re still a Pea and we love having you😍 However, because we will no longer have a string of schooling horses, we hope you’ll be patient with us whenever we have to make modifications if you’re borrowing a horse of ours. Thank you! 💚 

That brings me to…

For those of you who stay up to date on our calendar, you’ll notice that this Friday is meant to be our Peas Showcase.  Howeverrrrrr, I’m going to postpone this event in lieu of creating another way of showing off our talented equestrians, possibly when I can arrange a few more horse options for the kiddos’ performance🤹‍♀️🎭🎪

This coming weekend is Lynnleigh Farm.  Yippee!🎡

I don’t yet know ride times so I can’t tell you when each trailer is leaving the barn, but here’s who’s riding where…

Kim’s 3-horse trailer: Em, Cotton, Harper

Kim’s 4-horse trailer with Michelle driving: Atlas, Hamilton, Pete, Woody

Mimi’s trailer: Gigi

Sarah T’s trailer with Summer driving: Cash, Max

Check startboxscoring.com for your ride times and stay tuned for our Peas departure times!

Next Wednesday, September 23rd, is our next Team Training date (and the last that I have scheduled).  If you’re on the lesson schedule for that day, you’ll hearing from me to reschedule so thank you for your flexibility (sorry, I can’t seem to get on top of blocking out the calendar- eek! 📆 🤷🏻‍♀️).  The schedule will still be: 4pm Trot poles and X-bars; 5pm Intro and BN; and 6:15pm Novice and Training. 

And then here are some new Team Training dates:

October 21st

October 28th

November 18th

December 2nd

Put these on your calendar!  While you won’t always get an individual reminder, I’ll try to post a group reminder to 3 Peas News and to the 3 Peas FB page.  

**And if you don’t have a horse of your own and you’d like to ride in Team Training, let me know and I may (or may not 😐) have a horse for you to use.  I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone so it’s worth asking me!**

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, two things:

1. Dr. Tracy will be out to North Fields to do fall vaccines and dentals on September 29th.  If you can, please set this time aside to be present to tend to your horse.  If you’re not available, don’t panic; contact Sara or Cara or me and we can pull you horse for you for $10/horse (or a six pack of beer 🍻)

2. I’m currently looking for someone in the Heber Valley who might serve as Barn Manager for our 3 Peas horses at North Field Stables.  If you know of anyone reliable and local, with a fair amount of horse knowledge (or who is trainable), put him/her in touch with me!

That’s it for right now!  Call me with any questions!