Hey everyone!
It’s Golden Spike this weekend- WHOOP WHOOP 💃🏻 
We are going to leave the barn at 7 AM on Friday morning. Please let me know if you won’t be at the barn to load your horse-we are happy to meet you at Golden Spike!
Here’s the trailering set-up:
Kim’s trailer: Betty, Hal, Flynn, Gigi
Sara’s trailer:Georgia, Balou
And the tentative schedule for Friday is…

  • Arrive at 8:30
  • Set-up horses/tack stall 8:30-9:30
  • SJ Schooling from 10:45-2-ish, starting with Intro
  • Dressage Schooling for whomever wants it will be throughout the day (schedule with me!!)
  • And then everyone is free to bathe, braid, clean tack and get ZEN for an awesome show weekend 😎 

Questions?? Bring it ON, baby- GO PEAS!! 🎉 🎈