Hey guys!!
It’s Golden Spike this weekend and after our wonderful show on Saturday, it looks like everyone is pumped and rearin’ to go (hopefully not literally).
Here’s a tentative schedule:
We’ll leave the barn bright and early on Friday morning.  How about a 7am departure, putting us at GS at 8:30?  This should give everyone plenty of time to set up their horses, their stall, the tack stall, and our 3 Peas village:)
My trailer: Hal, Gigi, Satine
Sara’s trailer: Ellie, Betty, Soro
Ahdena’s trailer: Gani, Bones
As far as Friday schooling, let me know if you’d like to work on your dressage or your show jumping.  There are schooling show jumping rounds being offered, and here’s the schedule:
10:30-11:00 PRELIM
11:00-11:45 TRAINING
11:45-12:45 NOVICE
12:45-1:45 BEG NOVICE
1:45-2:45 INTRO
Schooling rounds are $20 so bring your cash with you!
If you’d like to work on your dressage instead, we’ll set a schedule once I have a head-count of who’d rather work on the flat:)
This is the general gig but we’ll adjust the rest of the details as they come up.  I can’t WAIT!!!