Hi Skyliners!
You may have heard through the grapevine but we’re in for a wet weekend so bring your ☔️ and let’s get ready to play in the rain!  
The plan for tomorrow is that we’ll depart from NF at 7am so we can arrive and set up at 9am. If you’d like anything other than your pony to come in the trailer, make sure it gets loaded this evening!
Show jumping rounds start at 10am and they’ll move in the following order: Preliminary, Training, Intro, BN, Novice. If you’d rather not jump and you’d like to do a dressage school instead, then let me know and we’ll set up a time!
And once the show opens at 3pm tomorrow, I’d like to walk XC with the Intro and Novice groups so stay tuned. Training and BN will walk on Friday  
Otherwise, tomorrow will consist of lottts of braiding and tack cleaning and pony beautifying. ‍♀️ 
Check your ride times at startboxscoring.com and let’s party!!