Hey everyone!
We LOVE this time of the year: it’s the PUMPKIN!
Here’s the schedule, starting Friday morning:
We’ll leave the barn at 9am in order to arrive at GS around 10:30.  Don’t worry if you/your kid is in school; we can load for you and meet you there!  Just make sure that you’re stuff is either in the trailer or coming with you in a car.  And send me a text to let me know!
My trailer has Captain, Soro, Hadrian,  and Hal
Sara’s trailer has Gani, Maisy, and Betty
You can load your (freshly cleaned) tack the evening before, and it can all go in my trailer since Sara’s trailer won’t be there.
Once we get to GS, the dressage lesson schedule is as follows:
12:00-12:30 Mimi
12:30-1 Anika
1-1:30 Micaela
1:30-2 Keegan
2-2:30 Olivia
2:30-3 Jillian
3:30-4 Mariam
4:30-5 Faith
5-5:30 Kacie
5:30-6:15 is Novice XC course walk
6:15-6:45 is Intro XC course walk
It’s probably not surprising that I can’t remember everyone’s schedules, so if I’ve forgotten yours and you’re not in a Friday practice space that’ll work for you, time-wise, let me know and we can juggle you.
After your ride/course walk, you’ll have time to bathe your horse, clean your stall, polish your tack, and be ready for the day!
Be aware: 3 Peas in a Pony has committed to helping the Wasatch Pony Club and WREA crew set up show jumping, starting at 4:30pm on Friday.  For those of you who aren’t busy with your horses, please make yourselves available in the show jumping arena.  Just a heads up: Keegan, Olivia, and Jillian, I’d be so PROUD AND HAPPY if you were there.  Thanks, ladies!!!
For Saturday morning:
7am-7:20 Stadium course walk
7:20-8 BN XC Course walk
And then the show starts- whoop whoop🎉🎉🎃
Bring your camping stuff, bring shade, bring sunscreen and food and water, bring your friends and family…it’s going to be grrrrreat!!!