Hey everyone!
Here’s the schedule for this weekend!  I tried to account for everyone’s schedule requests, so let me know if I’ve missed anything or if you need any corrections.  Anika: if your Saturday schedule has too big a gap for you (I tried to consolidate) then I can trade you for the someone in the 8am group.  Stacy: I know you requested after 2pm on Sunday but I just.couldn’t.do.it.  Ha!  Sorry.  I had to juggle the lessons schedule and schooling horses first and eeeekkk…Let me know what you think about that time and how I can help!
8-9:30: Ellen, Mimi, Zoe P, Chase
9:30-11: Katie H, Olivia, Nito, Jax
11-12:30: Heidi, Addi, Abi
1:30-3: Aisling, Skye, Elle
3-4:30: Sara, Mariam, Zeke, Ahdena
8:30-10: Skye, Elle, Brynnah
10-11:30: Katie, Olivia, Zoe P, Chase
12:30-2: Heidi, Addi, Abi, Aisling
2-3:30: Mariam, Mimi, Sara
3:30-5: Ellen, Ahdena, Sam
**Bring a lunch and/or some snacks to share.  Bring your camping chair for hanging out and as usual, your family is welcome to come and watch.  See you on Saturday!!**