Hey kids!
Ride times are posted and I’m so looking forward to a fun day tomorrow! It looks as though our first ride is Jan at 9 AM, so I’d like to leave the barn at 7:15am, which will give us time to both cheer Jan on as well as settling and tacking up our own horses 🙂
Trailering is as follows:
My trailer, driven by the fab Micaela (be nice to my handsome Blair, Micaela😉):
Captain, Soro, Bones, and Gani
I’ll be driving The Windley’s trailer (thanks, guys!!😍):
Xena, GK, and returning with Jaida’s new pony, Koda.
And Whitney will have her two plus Riata.
We’ll be finished after Xena’s go, which will be around 2pm, and we should be home be about 4pm!
Bring a cooler, lunch, and money in case you haven’t completed your entry. See you tomorrow!!