Hey all!
Even though the snow got in our way a few weeks ago, this weekend is meant to be sunny and beautiful…just in time for another great weekend of jumping at Hunter Stables!
Here’s the schedule:
Karen, Susan, and Ahdena
Anika, Kellie, and Colleen
Faith, Ruby G., Ruby F. and Joan (Cotton)
Lizzie, Reilly, Jenni, and Kim
Kellie’s Trailer: Lola and Grace Kelly
Colleen’s Trailer: Prissy and Cotton
My trailer: Mouse, Soro, Darwin, and Koda
My trailer will leave the barn at 7:45 which means that anyone riding in my trailer ought to be at North Field Stables no later than 7:15.  Please have your tack clean and everything loaded the night before, and don’t forget to bring a lunch and drinks, a camping chair (for some good-quality clinic auditing), and your muscles to help move jumps.  Hunter stables is located at 2664 N. Rose Park Lane in Salt Lake- call me for directions.  See you on Sunday!!:)