Hi All!
Here’s the schedule and trailer run-down for xc schooling on Sunday:
9-10:30: Zoe Smith, Bajian, Melissa
10:30-12:00: Nicole, Ruby, Kelly P.
1-2:30: Mavis, Mike, Reilly
2:30-4:00: Sandy, Andie, Maddy
4-5:30: Karen, Brooke, Susan
Nicole’s trailer: Reina, Reef, Bells
My trailer: Zoe, Timmy, Koda, Skip
Karen’s trailer: Bonita, Moon, Brava (I’ll put the two of you in touch, Susan and Karen!)
Mike’s trailer: Beau and Essa
And Mavis, we’ll meet you there!!
Bring your lunches, your coolers, and your sunscreen!  Call me with any questions!!!:)