It’s time to welcome our new Peas!
Ellen McGrail is a sure match for 3 Peas in a Pony because she’s a hard-worker!  Since her arrival at North Fields about four months ago, Ellen has gone from practicing her position at the posting trot to attacking full jump courses.  Ellen and Cotton have big plans for the future and we’re excited to have her as part of the team!
Abby Metzger continues her horse education with 3 Peas in a Pony after her stint at horse camp this summer.  And boy, Abby’s skills at camp are paying off!  With the help of Sweetie, Abby has just learned how to canter, and it’s going to be no time at all before she is cantering her first jump. Welcome, Abby!
Bajian Fernald and her horse, Reef, moved to North Fields at the end of the summer, and they’re planning a busy and successful 2014 at the Novice Level.  Reef is working on being supple and forward, and Bajian is practicing keeping her leg on to help her pony.  I’m planning on seeing some pretty ribbons for these two this coming year!
Abigail and Bowen Pruyn are sisters who ride hard, think lots, and cheer for each other!  Abigail with Cotton, and Bowen with Maizie, completed their first horse show at North Fields in September, and they got wonderful marks from the dressage judge.  With a little more work on their round circles and straight lines, they’ll be scaring off the competition next year.  We’re so happy to have these two!
Kirsten Keblish and her pony, Prissy, are practicing their show jumping so that they can nail their distances, combinations, and of course, lead changes.  Kirsten and Prissy have spent plenty of time in the Hunter/Jumper world and we’re looking forward to having the pair in our Eventing community this year- they’ll be winners!
Natalie Moss rides Vern, and under Vern’s tutelage, Natalie has been working diligently at riding with her shoulders tall and her heels down.  Thank goodness for Vern’s tough ride because when he asks Natalie to ride hard, she always steps up to the plate.  Natalie is one tough cookie and all her work is paying off!  Welcome, Natalie!
Natalie and Emma Eaton are good friends, and we’re thrilled to have Emma on the 3 Peas team as well.  Because so much of riding is hand-eye coordination, I’d like to give a high-five to Emma for her awesome dexterity and her body control.  We know that Emma will be a great rider some day, and I’m so psyched that we’ll get to help her along the way:)
Alivia Preston is a talented horse woman who is currently refining her skills and honing in on her goals.  Alivia is a hard-worker and ready for the next level, so we’re incredibly glad that she found 3 Peas in a Pony; Together we’re going to make all of those goals a reality.  Keep moving on to the next step, Alivia!
Keegan and Tatum Carter are sisters and they’re each working on trotting, steering, and practicing their canter.  Keegan has aspirations to be a Rodeo Queen; she’ll be galloping with the Rodeo Wave in no time.  And Tatum is intent on getting her jumping position down so that she and her pony can get some airtime over those big fences!  With all the work these two are putting in, they’re going to be the place they’ve always dreamed in no time at all!
Lilah Hunter began her riding career at Tally Ho Farm, and they’re continuing on as a Pea with 3 Peas in a Pony.  Lilah is talented, ambitious, and she makes sure that Maizie gets where she needs to go…over the jump!  Lilah is the type of horsewoman that’ll give 3 Peas in a Pony a good name: we get it done!  Way to go, Lilah!
Michelle Buck lives in Salt Lake with her horse, Satara.  While Satara is young and inexperienced, she is a smart and kind horse and she’ll make Michelle a really strong partner.  Michelle has asked that 3 Peas in a Pony give her guidelines and make her sweat, and I told her that we’ll definitely do that; she’ll be working hard for her pony, that’s for sure.  We’re excited to have you, Michelle!
Andie Brown comes from horsey roots and she’s narrowing down her horse skills at 3 Peas.  Andie is learning how to take full advantage of her Pony Club position and she’s making sure that Skip pays close attention to her; she’s asserting herself as Queen of Skippy’s direction and energy, and she’s doing great!  After Andie’s recent saddle purchase and her diligent practice rides, we can already tell that Andie is in this Eventing gig for the long-haul- we have another convert!  Welcome, Andie!
Barbara ‘B’ Moore is a beginner rider with advanced aspirations, and the same with her pony!  She and her cute palomino, Scarlett, have been practicing their role playing: Scarlett’s job is to watch her feet and B’s job is to tell her pony where’s she’s going and just how fast. Slowly and surely, Scarlett is realizing how comfortable it is to have a good, strong leader in the saddle, and B is most certainly stepping up to the plate.  Way to go, you two!
Ruby Petralli may be new to the barn, but she already has a horse of her own.  Ruby comes to 3 Peas in a Pony to refine her skills both on the ground and in the saddle and her own horse, whom she loves dearly, gets to enjoy all the benefits.  Ruby is practicing her jumping position at the canter and her balance and strength have improved tremendously.  Well done, Ruby!
Shelby Dunlap has a whole bunch of pony knowledge in a teeny-tiny, little package, and for being only six years old, she sure knows how to wrangle Vern!   Shelby is already a multi-tasking queen; steering, posting, and kicking.  And with all of those directions coming his way, Vern barely has time to think about goofing around.  Vern knows that Shelby is a force to be reckoned with. Wahoo, Shelby!
Abi Ploof has taken to this ‘horse thing’ at the early age of 4 years old.  While the rest of us work to balance our horse fanaticism with our normal lives, Abi has already given in to the urge; she’s decided that Vern is the man in her life, no matter how cold it is outside.  We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of this young horsewoman as she learns how to bend her knees and rock her posting trot.  You’re awesome, Abi!
Daisy Erhard is following in the footsteps of her big sister, Chase, and Chase is an excellent role model!  Daisy has moved up to working on her jumping position on Vern, and now she’s so good with her balance, that she can steer, kick, and chase Abby and Sweetie around the arena!  We’re so excited to have Daisy’s work ethic and big smile at 3 Peas in a Pony!