I’d like to welcome some new students:
Wendy Davies and her horse, Luna, ride at North Fields and after about a year of getting to know one another, they’re going to learn how to jump together.  Wendy and Luna are currently working on clear aids and riding with a solid plan, and I’m looking forward to watching them progress!
Deb Bishop is enjoying her time with my horse, Hadrian, as she works on some gorgeous dressage!  While Deb’s other handsome Chestnut (Odin) enjoys semi-retirement, Deb is adjusting the finer points of her riding and she and Hadrian make a fine pair.  Maybe we’ll get the two of them to some shows next year, right?
Micaela Raines and her horse Ace are new to the jumping world after many years bending poles and running barrels.  As it turns out, Ace is an ambitious and motivated little jumper, and Micaela is working on doing all she can to help her pony do his job.  Micaela and Ace are a bonded pair, and they’re going to take the Eventing world by storm.
Jeanine Flint is the proud Leasee of the cute black/white paint, Night Sparks.  Jeanine is returning to the horse community after many years raising children, and now she’s looking for an equine partner of her own.  I’m enjoying watching Jeanine learn new tools to help her understand how she rides and how she can affect her relationship with her horse.  Jeanine and Night Sparks are a wonderful pair!
Olivia Welter used to ride at Avalanche Ranch and she comes to North Fields with lots of ambition and talent.  With the help of Skip and Hadrian, Olivia is gaining a strong leg and independent riding position so that he talent can really shine.  Pretty soon, Olivia’s going to start jumping with those strong legs of hers.  Way to go, girl!
I’m pleased to introduce Taylor and Heather Brady who bring to 3 Peas in a Pony a multi-cultural feel; their two Tennessee Walkers, Trooper and Treasure, are athletic and talented horses whose unique gait means that they have all four legs powering at once.  While Heather will soon showcase Treasure’s talents in a lesson, Taylor and Trooper are already working great together and it’s so fun to watch them progress.
Hayden and Camden Goodman are officially part of 3 Peas in a Pony after a summer doing camp, lessons, and riding hard.  Camden has just begun learning posting trot and steering on Vern, and her older sister, Hayden, is moving on to a balanced canter in preparation for jumping.  The most exciting thing I discovered about these two ladies is that they’re diligent horsewomen who are always prepared to get the job done. Yippee!
Shaela McGinnis also spent her summer at camp and in lessons, and she and Vern have focused on mastering poles, steering, and preparation.  Shaela’s hard work paid off and in her first season on horseback, Shaela has already won a 3rd place ribbon in the Trot Pole division at Pegasus Hunter/Jumper Show.  I know that Shaela was proud of her pony, but I was super proud of Shaela!
Jillian Perry was another brave Pea who joined us at Pegasus this summer.  Jillian came to 3 Peas in a Pony with a bit of riding experience, and she has added some pretty amazing skills to her repertoire in just a few months.  Jillian took her talent to Pegasus and won a 1st place in walk/trot equitation as well as another 1st place in trot poles.  We have Peas with such talent and I’m excited that Jillian has joined us!