Hi all!!
The Pegasus Mini Event is fast approaching and we’ve planned for a full weekend of schooling and competing- yey!
Here’s the general schedule:
My trailer will leave NF on Friday at 1:30pm and Melissa, you’ll join me with your trailer?
We’ll get to Pegasus about 3pm and do general set up.
4-5:30 XC schooling:
Ellen, Ruby, and Melissa
5:30-7 XC schooling:
Susan, Andie, and Zoe.
And then we’ll spend the night to get good rest for a busy Saturday!
For ride times, visit Jamie Topham’s post on the WREA Facebook page.
My trailer: Vera, Zoe, Bones and Truffle
Andie’s trailer: Clark and Bells and Brava(?)
Melissa and Andie- if you’d like someone else in your trailer to share expenses, Hunter is en route and you can swing by for Ms. Brava- Susan will have her all ready! If you’re cool with just the two of you, no sweat; I’ll pick up B and leave Truffle home:) Just let me know!
Otherwise, don’t forget to pack food/drink/camping chairs/and your tents!:)
Call me if you have any questions, otherwise I’ll see you on Friday!!:)