Hey all! Here’s the schedule for the mini event this weekend 🙂
We’ll leave the barn on Friday at 10 AM with the following trailers:
Will and Ruby are in their trailer.
Andie and Melissa will haul Keyonee, Tom, and Skip
And in my trailer I will have Zoe, Grace Kelly, Gani, and Brava.
For anyone who wants to load their stuff into my trailer, the trailer keys are in the mailbox. The trailer won’t be hooked up and in front of the barn until Friday morning, but you’re welcome to load your stuff earlier.
The Friday schooling schedule is:
Will, Sherri, and Susan
Elena, Ruby, Kelly, and Andie
Micaela, Lizzie, and Sophie
You guys know the routine: we’ll school on Friday, spend the night, and show the next day. If you don’t have stalls requested, make sure you contact Jaime. Otherwise, bring some snacks, your camping gear, and let’s plan on a fun weekend. I’m excited! 🙂
Call me with any questions! 🙂