A very successful first show weekend for many Peas.
Beth, Maddy, Mavis, Debi and I went to Pegasus for their jumper show.  Beth and Maddy had their first show ever and they were spectacular.  Perfectly organized trot poles and jumps that won them not only a fluid and comfortable round (which makes everyone happy), but they now have some brightly colored ‘bling’ to hang in the trailer:).  Way to go, girls!  Debi practiced being clear and concise with her Bells, and the result was…Debi could ‘allow’ Bells to jump and we had two very happy girls!  Mavis was the leader for the weekend and rode Hero around the 2’9″ course like she’s been sitting up all her life.  I can’t wait to see what Mavis and Hero have in store for us this summer!
Sara Windley and Grace Kelly are finishing up their five month stint with A and A Equestrian in California and they ended with a bang!  Sara and GK finished a weekend competiting Novice at Twin Rivers HT on their dressage score of a 41, which brought them from 12th place to a final 5th place amongst a very big field of competitors.  Congratulations, you two- you’ve worked very hard!!
Finally, although we’ve all congratulated her many times since her debut horse trials in Austin, Lisa Bauman and Arvo had a stellar go at Pine Hill HT two weeks ago, ending only one rail from their dressage score of a 35 and landing in 5th place by the end of the weekend.  Make sure to check out Lisa’s Go Pro video on Facebook; you’ll get to see how beautifully the two of them negotiated the cross-country course!  Well-done, Lisa and Arvo!