Hey everyone!!
I’m looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable Pumpkin! It’s going to be a really fun show, especially with some first-timers in the group!:)
Here’s the lesson schedule for Friday:
8-9: Reilly and Ruby G.
9-10: Chase and Mason
10-11:30: Anika, Kellie, and Zoe
11:30-1: Kelly P., Ruby F, and Will
2-3:30: Lizzie, Zoe P. And Sophie
3:30-4:30: Melissa and Sandy
5:00: Intro XC course walk
5:30: BN XC course walk
6:15: Novice XC course walk
Parents are welcome to walk with us- bring tennis shoes!
Here’s the trailering schedule:
Margaret’s trailer: Zoe, Timmy, Lola, Bells
Connie’s trailer: Dime, Skip, Bones
My trailer: Reina, Koda, Maizie, Soro
Anika’s trailer: Zeke, Cotton, Vera
As you can see, I tried to lump trailering arrangements based on riding groups. So…Connie’s trailer doesn’t have to be there until the afternoon and Margaret, you don’t have to be to Ogden until 9:30am. However, feel free, both of you, to drop horses as early as you like!:)
Ruby and Will, I’ve planned on you taking your two to Anika’s place in PC on Thursday night. You can use my truck and trailer. Would that work for you? She’s expecting you, and she’ll bring your horses on Friday morning:)
Important for those who are ONLY schooling this weekend and not competing: unless you’ve made totally different arrangements, I think it keeps everything the least complicated to keep your horse on grounds Friday night, and to return home with all the gang on Saturday morning, not to mention that it’s good experience for your ponies! So…in light of this (and under the assumption that Trina, Will, Ruby, Melissa, and Kellie haven’t gotten stalls already), I’m going to contact the secretary to get each of you a stall, hopefully with the rest of The Peas. Let me know, quick as bunnies, if this is not what you want!!
Most of you know that we’re camping on Friday night. All are welcome, but do bring your own shelter, food, chairs, and other camping equipment that keeps you comfy:) Dogs are welcome ON leash. A reminder brought up with the parents on Monday evening: it may be helpful for you parents to wear a camelback as you wander around Fri/Sat. You’ll be walking hydration for your child, and then you can stick your phone, sunscreen etc. in there as well.
For the day of the show, I’ll write up a big white board with everyone’s ride time and tack up/warm up schedule. My suggestion is that you take a photo of the board to have on your phone, and then you’ll have a traveling schedule!
A reminder both to the veteran Pumpkin-ers and the Rookies: the show jumping ride times the secretary assigned to each of you MAY NOT apply. I often have to adjust SJ times so that groups of Peas warm up together and it saves us time and chaos (and my running legs!) Ride times are posted on WREA’s FB page and apparently also on wreautah.com.
Everyone competing needs a medical armband (or at least the card with the info and a Pea who has committed to loaning your their armband sleeve) and a pinny. Horse Crazy in Draper should have both of these things, or call me if you’re stuck:)
And you also know that Peas are in charge of the stadium jumping this year and Joan has been working tirelessly to line up the volunteers. Show Jumping set up will start at 2pm on Friday. If you’d like to help and you don’t already have a job, let one of us know. Or…just be conveniently loitering in the infield Friday and Saturday afternoon and we’ll be sure to recruit your muscles! And for all riders: if you’re not on horseback or taking care of your horse between 2pm-4pm, please go and help set up stadium!
The Pumpkin is held at Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden. Call me if you can’t access directions through Google.
Gosh, have I forgotten anything?
Call me with any questions or problems or…??