Oh my goodness, what fun things we learned this weekend at The Pumpkin Event! Congratulations to all of the fabulous Peas who either competed, cheered, or simply put up with our shenanigans!
As you can imagine, there were lots of pretty, colorful scores to bring home! Sara and her cute little mare, Ellie, ended their first Novice in 5th place with three solid rounds. They did lots of work on their uphill balance, and it paid off! Well done! Ruby and Vera had a bump in the road in their stadium jumping warm-up, but all bruises aside finished the weekend in 7th in their first Novice also. Way to go, you power women!! Zoe Patton and Bones sailed around their jumping phases like pros and ended in a delightful 2nd place. It was so fun to watch them go! Andie and Clark have been working so hard and all of their hard work has paid off also! They had a killer dressage score and they did right by their test by nailing their next two jumping phases and ending at the top of their division. These two have come so far- Yey! Ahdena and Satine did what they do best: they had a great time! And it was so easy to do with a final standing in 7th place! It’s so fun to both have a big smile AND be successful on the scoreboard! Chase and her adorable pony, Maise, were the crowd’s sweethearts, and they didn’t disappoint! The pair had a solid dressage and two clean jumping phases that finished them in 4th. Well done! Keegan picked up a fun catch ride for this event and took Cedar to his second-ever show. While Keegan is also new to the showing scene, you never would have guessed; the two went around like pros on the cross-country and ended in 7th place! And another 7th place finisher was first-timer Kacie and her adorable youngster, Tark. They were controlled, attentive, and ambitious. We’re so glad to have these two as part of the team!
We also had some Peas who may not have finished with color, but who finished with big smiles. Jan Sharp took her new pony, Magic, through their first dressage test together and Kellie ‘jumped’ in and took over for two amazingly educational jump phases. It was so fun watching all three smile: Kellie, Jan, and Magic, of course! I’m also proud to acknowledge the efforts of our other three amazing Peas: Mariam and Riata made their debut with a great dressage score, and some really honest jumping. They didn’t get a final score because of some technical issues, but both are ready to see their next show through! Reilly and Koda have been thinking and learning so much that they are about to burst! This show proved that they’re ready to see their education through and I can’t wait to see what they have in the future 🙂 Kelly and Zoe had a grand time practicing their plan and seeing it come to fruition. Way to go, girls!!:)
Thanks to our cheering squad: Show Mom (Connie), Zoe, Ruby, Sophie, Lizzie, Bajian, Ellen, Micaela, and all the partners and spouses and family who showed up to support. We can’t have as much fun as we do, without you!
I’m so honored to be part of a fantastic team with dedicated members to support both our four-legged and two-legged friends. Thanks for everything that you all do to contribute 🙂