Hi Pumpkin-ers! We’ve got another fun few days in store for us, so here’s the schedule I’ve devised to get everyone ready, organized, and pumped to perform at their BEST!
We’re XC schooling. The lesson schedule is as follows:
2:00-3:30: Faith, Jan, Lola, Ashley
3:30-5:00: Mariam, Mimi, Anika, Lisa
5:00-6:30: Katie, Jillian, Skye
Trailering from North Fields is…
My trailer: Hal, Gigi, Satine, Lola
Ahdena’s trailer or Sara’s trailer (to be determined): Balou, Betty
We’ll start loading up at 11:30am and leave North Fields at Noon! Let me know what your packing/loading/travel plans are😁
There’ll be opportunities to school both dressage and stadium, so let me know which you’d like to do!
Dressage rides will be from 1pm (ish) to 3:30pm (ish).
Stadium rounds are as follows:
4:00-5:15: Intro
4:00-5:00: Novice
5:30-6:45: Beginner Novice
Rounds are $15/per, so bring your moolah with you!
**Speaking of money, money, there are a few school-age kiddos who’ll need to return home on Thursday evening. Is anyone interested in earning their entry fee back (😎) and caring for some Peas’ ponies while staying on site on Thursday?
The showwwww!!!!😁😁 Rides times aren’t yet posted but when they are, they’ll be at www.startboxscoring.com. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!
**We’ll walk show jumping at 7:30am on Saturday morning**
For XC walks:
8:00am Intro
8:30am Beginner Novice
And for Novice, walk your course solo, chat with me about your questions, and if we can put you in during a break in the day, we will! Either way, have no fear: we’ll go through the ins-and-outs of most of your course when we school on Thursday!:)
**Just a reminder, that some of this schedule on Saturday might change slightly when ride times are posted, in case we need to make adjustments!
Okie dokie, those are the logistics! The rest is about enjoying a weekend with our friends and our ponies. Bring it on!!🎃