Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is making the most of these last few winter months; it’ll be full-blown pony time in a heartbeat!🥳

Here are your most recent announcements:

Firstly, thank you to all of you who joined us for our End of the Year Peas Party- it was a blast!  If ANY of you find that your new Peas shirt doesn’t fit the way you’d like it to, I’m going to be making a new order this week and I’m calling for requests!  I already have Anika and Jan looking for different sizes- anyone else?  Let me know ASAP!

Some calendar adjustments:

Next month, scheduled for March 21st and 22nd, we have a 3 Peas Jump Clinic.  I have to move this clinic slightly (because I forgot that my Dad is getting married- whoops 👩‍❤️‍👨) so it’s now going to be on Friday March 20th and Saturday March 21st.



** If you’re on the lesson schedule for any calendar days that have been adjusted, I’ll be in touch to reschedule lessons!

For our scheduled Unmounted Pony Club meetings, I’m going to pull those off the calendar because Park City Pony Club is doing such a great job of meeting and studying and practicing 📚 that they’ll be hosting all the fun horsemanship shenanigans this Spring.  So, if you’d like to be involved in Pony Club, and if you’d like to freshen up your pony knowledge, see Ms. Cara!

Another calendar announcement pertains to something a little farther out: on July 6-7 Coach Daniel Stewart— a world-class clinician, coach, and author who’s considered an expert in equestrian sports psychology and performance— is coming to North Fields to play with US!🥳🎉  Visit Daniel’s website to see what he’s all about! https://pressureproofacademy.com🥇

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions! Enjoy the beautiful day!! ☀️