Wow, we’ve had a busy last few weeks!!
Golden Spike was a riot, with a  BUNCH of wonderful rides!  We had a big group, with seven horses, six riders and a wonderful grounds crew.  Congratulations to the following Peas:
Sandy and Essa finished in 4th place after some really solid jump rounds and some wonderful control on XC.  Zoe and Timmy finished Zoe finished in 3rd Place and also won $$$ from WREA!!  They’ll be moving up soon!
Mavis and Hero came home with a purple 7th place ribbon, $$$ in their pocket, and a huge smile after a finishing a fabulous show on their home turf!  Way to go!
Hannah and Nito were brilliant in all three phases.  Unfortunately, their points didn’t show off all their hard work this time around (they ended in 14th), but they both know they’re getting awwwwfully close!
Sara and Grace Kelly came home with a 6th place ribbon and she too won a little bit of money.  Man, all the Peas need to buy their coach a massage (hint, hint);)
Finally, Peter Pan and Mary had a tricky weekend with a little bit of soreness after working so hard to get to Golden Spike.  Mary and Pete decided to quit the show a bit early because Pete wasn’t his normal, super pony self.  But…we’re glad he’s feeling better now!
We then continued on to the mini event held at Zephy Ranch in Salem, UT.  I’d like to recognize some Peas who are just getting their ‘show feet’ wet: Maddy Helier returned to the show scene with Dime and ended up with three really solid rides.  The two are working hard and preparing to go to their first recognized Horse Trials in Santa Fe next month.  And Beth and Lucia were our Rookie Superstars.  They were a bit nervous to do their first dressage test (that arena can be so intimidating!) but then they showed us nothing shy of total confidence and control in Stadium and XC.  Congratulations you two!
Sara, Hannah, and Mavis were our Novice bunch at Zephyr and they all worked reeeally hard!  The Zephyr XC course gave Sara and Hannah a run for their money, while teaching them each some good lessons.  We’ll be back to school that course before Santa Fe, for sure!  And Mavis and Hero surprised themselves with a forward and positive ride on XC.  Well done:)
I was pleased to have Faith and Soleil join us for this event.  The two have been working really hard to improve and their progress with clear! Faith and Soleil are going to use this summer as time to put all the pieces together and very shortly, Faith and Soleil will be the pair to beat!
I’m so proud of my group, all your dedication and passion, and I love watching you grow:)  So now, the next fun thing on the agenda is Rocky Mountain Horse Trials- wish us luck!!!:)