Hey Everyone!
Here’s the schedule for A&A this weekend, March  2/3:
9am Mike and Taylor
10am Alekhine and Sarah E.
11am Sara W. and Sarah E.
1pm Piper and Alekhine
2pm Jonty and Callee
3pm Susan and Emily
4pm Sandy and Maddy
9am Mike and Susan
10am Sara W. and Sarah E.
11am Maddy and Sandy
1pm Alekhine and Sarah E.
2pm Alekhine and Piper
3pm Jonty and Callee
I have stalls scheduled at Hunter for Sven, Piper, Callee, and Alekhine for Saturday night.  Sarah, let me know if you’d like to stay over!  Don’t forget that there’s a $10 haul-in fee or a $10/night fee.
Let me know if you have any questions or conflicts!