Hey everyone!
Ride times aren’t yet posted for Skyline, but here’s the general gist of how things will go down for the Peas:
Calle, Clark, Andante, and Reef are in Andie’s trailer.
Soro, Darwin, Keyonee, and Truffle are in my trailer.
Bones, Skip, and Koda are in Sara’s trailer.
The approximate start time is 10am for 2’9″ and under and the approximate start for 2’9″ and higher is about 2pm.
So…my trailer will pull out of North Fields at 7:15am. Be sure to have your stuff loaded the night before and you can be at the barn to help load your house 30-40 mins before we leave.
Spiff up your tack, pack your lunch, grab your 3 Peas get up (tuck it in with a belt!) and OFF WE GOOOO!!!:)