Hi my name is Sophie Dau .  I am 9 years old and ride at North Fields.  I ride Skip now but used to ride at Midway Equestrian Center on MoneyCat.  Skip is awesome and loves cantering.  This is my first year at North Fields and I am so excited!
This summer we went to Ireland to visit family.  Last time we were there it rained every day for 16 days.  This year it rained every other day!  I went riding last time but the rain was so hard you couldn’t see in front of you.  I didn’t think we’d get to go this year, so I was sad to leave for a few weeks because I thought I’d miss being around horses.  But the weather seemed a little better so we decided to try it again.  The funny thing about being in Ireland is one minute it is sunny and the next it is raining, so I couldn’t believe the day we picked was sunny all day.  I signed up for a mountain and beach ride.  When I got there I was surprised to see so many kids, there were 10 of us and mostly my age.  One girl from a different part of Ireland was 9 and had been riding for 7 years.  She lived on a farm and they had lots of horses.  I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t know which horse I’d ride and if we’d be a fit, but Hugo and I got along great!  This is a picture of me galloping on the beach with Hugo.  It was so much fun.  Hugo loved to gallop, I started at the back of the group and ended up in front, he went so fast!  The ride was really fun, I liked the beach better than the mountain part because we could canter and gallop on the beach.  During the mountain part, we were on thinner trails and had to stay in line.  I am glad my Mom got this picture so I can remember Hugo.