This weekend is The Chicken Event, where we all get out, jump around, spread our wings, ya know- wahoo!😁

However, plans are a bit up in the air as of Monday, 5/20 because the Utah Weather Gods have been bringing us lots of water 💦 and Golden Spike’s XC course is lush and green and verrrrry wet right now.  Below is the schedule if (and only if) we start drying up a little bit and we do in fact get to school XC on Thursday.  So let’s plan for that and if we don’t get to XC school well, then, exactly that: we won’t be XC schooling and our Chicken shenanigans will instead start on Friday morning.

Here’s the tentative plan:

We’ll leave the barn at 11:30 on Thursday morning.

Trailers are as follows:
Kim’s Trailer: Soro, Pete, Rowdy, Atlas
Sara’s Trailer: Flynn, Georgia, Hamilton
Cara’s Trailer: Hero (and any stragglers)
And Mary and Erika and Liv, we’ll meet you there!!!

Thursday XC schooling schedule:

2-3:30: Sara and Katie

3:30-5: Cayenne, Elle, and Parker, Logan

5-6:30: Brooke, Liv, Erika, Mary

**The horses who’re competing in the Chicken will be staying over Thursday night.  Have you all talked amongst yourselves and figured out who might be looking over your animals if some of you have to leave?  Or maybe you’re all planning on hanging out and having a slumber party!⛺️😁  Either way, you’ll want to making sure you leave enough time to take care of your horse after you ride before the end of the evening.  You’ll want to clean your stall, groom your pony and make sure he/she has food and water.

For Friday:

I anticipate there being schooling SJ rides on Friday, although I don’t know yet what that schedule is.  And, if any of you would prefer to school dressage, we can shoot for that as well. Either way, we’ll plan on getting underway with schooling around midday and be sure to have all of your horse care (stall-cleaning, walking, watering etc.) finished before-hand.  Again, if you’re not planning on being at the barn for the morning feed, make sure you have someone lined up who’ll take care of your horse, or get with me if you’re stuck!

We’ll school dressage and/or SJ on Friday afternoon and we’ll make sure we leave plenty of time for you to bathe your horse and clean your tack! 🧽 🧼

We maaaay walk XC on Friday evening but it’s often not open for walking, so…


Early morning, we’ll walk the SJ course together, as well as XC (if we didn’t get to it on Friday evening).

And then it’s SHOW TIME!!! 🥳🤩💃🏻

I’m happy to answer any questions, so call me if you’re confused.  This is a much more tentative schedule than I like but, hey, who know what the weather will hold ⛅️🌦.

I’ll keep y’all posted on any changes!!!