Hello Peas!  

How is everyone managing from under piles of school work and Zoom meetings?  It’s approaching the end of April and a much anticipated light is forming at the end of the tunnel 💡 Wahoo!  So while we continue to heed government mandates and we go about our barn activities with caution, let’s chat about horsey stuff and we can all get excited about what’s to come! 🌈 

I’ve posted on 3 Peas News a reading list by The Jimmy Wofford, one the great brains in our sport.  If you’re looking for some education at home, take a look at a few of these books.  It’ll be invaluable information so make yourself a cup of tea and get your smarts on! 


Also from your home base, I know many of you are participating in our Fit Pea challenge 🚲 🏃‍♀️ (and if you’re looking to beat me then you’d better be busting your buns- I’m killing it!🤩) and there are also some other fun exercises for equestrians posted by USEF that I thought y’all might like: 

https://www.usef.org/learning-center/videos/lower-body-exercises has two champion vaulters who go through all kinds of fitness and flexibility exercises for equestrians and then for general knowledge, the https://www.usef.org/learning-center has a ton of really interesting videos and information on a whole range of horse topics 🎯 **And just a friendly reminder that you should be sending me your Fit Pea papers by the end of 30th- I’ll take photos or screenshots too if that’s easier!**

As far as getting back to the barn for those of you who’ve been absent, there’s quite a bit of debate statewide on how to reopen cities and counties and how quickly to do it.  For right now, it seems as though May 1st starts a small wave/shift and then another scheduled for the end of May.  So, hoping to align with this momentum, our plan is as follows:

May 1: We’ll allow any haul-ins for lessons.  Please park against the fence to the front field!  The scheduler is still closed so see me if you’d like to get on the lesson schedule.

May 15: All leasees can resume their leases and the online schedule will reopen for boarders and leasees.  However, **you MUST use your own tack.  There is no sharing of the schooling tack.  This means you must have your own bridle, saddle, saddle pad, brushes, halter, and leadrope.** If you don’t have all of this equipment, now’s the time to pick it up and we can help you! Visit www.doversaddlery.com and talk to Sara or Cara or me if you have any questions about what to buy- we can guide you!  Alternatively, check out any consignment Facebook sites, such as English Tack Trader and English Tack Swap.

June 1: By this date we would *love* to be taking in our more beginner lessons (those who are using schooling horses and tack), as well as our Spring Pea Program.  This will be our goal and we’ll keep you apprised! 👩🏻‍💻 

No matter what, please continue to be considerate of our previously outlined social rules: don’t come to the barn if you’re under the weather; limit barn visitors; incline yourselves toward riding outside of peak hours; feel free to enjoy a “nature walk” on the roads in front of the barn. 🚶 🌱 

Let’s talk about what our current calendar looks like as of now:

The United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Eventing Association just announced that they’re postponing/cancelling events for another month, up through May 31st.  Given that our May calendar includes only schooling events that aren’t directly under the USEF and USEA umbrella, it’s not clear whether or not events like Lynnleigh Farm (they haven’t reached a decision yet) and The Chicken Event will go forward.  However, we’re going to cancel the items on our calendar up through May 15th in line with our barn timeline and then we’ll plan to have the events later in the month, starting with Lynnleigh 2-Phase on May 16, and Team Training on May 20.  🗓 

And then, The Chicken Event has moved their date from May 23rd to May 30th and they are currently accepting entries, risk-free. Go to wasatchponyclub.com.  If you’re interested in riding at The Chicken, it seems as though there’s no harm in getting your entry in now and if the event is indeed cancelled then they’ll be offering a full refund.   For those of you who’ve been forced to take the last month or so off, please see me if you’d still like to compete at this show- we just want to make sure everyone who enters is prepared! 🐣 

Between now and then, in preparation for our oncoming show season, here’s a fun thing to do: submit a 15 minute dressage ride of you and your horse and you can participate in this virtual clinic.  You’ll get ‘judged’ by a former Eventer, current FEI 3* dressage rider, Heidi Barry.  Go to https://www.kvdressage.com/virtual-clinic?utm_campaign=771ec777-7cbb-4ab3-bc4a-96ae34f57f74&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=cd9e245b-95ba-4586-84a5-ae87405ac453

And speaking of show season oncoming, there are two other things to consider:

  1. Chloe is offering a ‘Master Grooming’ Class for those of you who’d like to know the ins and outs of keeping your horses looking their best: mane pulling, tail trimming, and other tidy tricks.  (Er hmmm…I’m speaking to all of you🥰).  For right now, we’ll schedule you in groups of two so message me if you’d like to get with Chloe (I already have Parker, Cayenne, and Skye on the list). But before you take your class, you’ll need to get your hands on some tools: a set of clippers; a pulling comb; and a decent pair of scissors✂️ so I’ll wait for those already signed up to tell me when they’re fully equipped! 🧰 
  1. And secondly, I’m sending in an apparel order- let me know if there’s any swag that you’d like! 👙🧢

As always, call or email with any questions.  Talk soon, everyone!!!🌟