St. John’s HT was a whirlwind, quite literally, and it was a fabulous start to what promises to be a killer 2014 show season! Five days of powerhouse riding, strong focus, and detailed effort paid off for these four Peas, so congratulations go out to…
Zeke and Anika placed 2nd in the Open Beginner Novice division.  They had confident and capable jumping phases, without a foot out of place, and they’re looking forward to moving up to Novice at their next event.  Good things coming from these two!:)
Lola and Kellie placed 5th in Sr. Novice- their first show together, as well as Lola’s first Novice level event.  Kellie and Lola had a gorgeous dressage test, which left room for a careful and accurate stadium round, giving way to “…the most fun [Kellie has] ever had on cross-country. Ever.”  Congratulations to Kellie and Lola!
Satine is out there and back at it, with as much passion as always.  She had her record-best dressage score, followed by some personal bests in the jumping phases, such as no time faults on cross-country!  All her power and pizazz over the weekend combined to create a sharp focus, earning her a 5th place in the Open Novice division.  I’m happy to be back with her in the show ring!
And Margaret Culley’s horse, Geoffery, had his Eventing debut at St. John’s HT after just two weeks of jumping, dressage, and water preparation.  He was a true Rockstar!  He paid attention, he thought about his jumps carefully, and he was generally adored by all.  Geoffery finished in 5th place in the Open Beginner Novice Division after two challenging fences in stadium and an ultra-clean cross-country.  Geoffery is going to make some young Eventer very happy:)

 Here’s to the start of a great 2014 season!