Debi, Emily, Karen, and I had a fabulous time at the Short Tour Dressage Series at Lynnleigh Farm.  Debi and Bells were rewarded for  relaxed, rhythmic, and organized perfection in both their Intro C test and Training Level 1 test with both a 1st place and a 2nd place.  Debi and Bells have been working really hard and I’m so proud of both of them!
Emily and Topaz performed their first Training Level test accurately and efficiently.  However, in order to reduce a little of Topaz’s tension and to allow him to really shine, Emily came back for their second Training Level test ready to ride!  The result was a beautiful test born out of a working partnership between the two- well done!
Emily also brought her mare, Ima, and they competed in Training Level 3 and First Level 1.  While Ima is gorgeous and talented, I was most impressed by Emily’s work with her horse both in warm up and in the ring.  During both tests, Emily rode tactfully, clearly, and definitively.  In her first show of the year, not to mention her first test at First Level, Ima learned that she’s expected to both listen and work diligently.  Emily and Ima got along splendidly and had a great time.  Congratulations:)
The same weekend, in Park City, was the Stephanie Goodman Clinic.  Congratulations to Mavis and Hero, Mary and Peter Pan, Zoe and Timmy, and of course my little Alekhine, on a weekend of dirt, sweat, and brain power.  I was thrilled to see us all putting the pieces together:)