This is our VERY FIRST blog entry for our Student Blog section- yippee!!
Here’s the plan:
One of my fabulous students will post a blurb about their horse, their ride, their pony pals, their tired muscles, their amazing jump round, whatever.  We’ll do a rotation; one student blog post every two weeks.  And in between, you get to hear from yours truly (c’mon, it’s better than my normal newsletter, right??)  So…I’ll start it off:
I’m super behind announcing our amazing new additions to the 3 Peas team.  I’d like to welcome Connie Holbrook, Linda Bean, Jennie Evans, Maddy Helier, Zoe Smith, Kelly Price, Beth Haggett…woooooooo, I’m tired already!
Connie Holbrook rides at Hunter Stables with her adorable ‘Hal’.  Connie is learning how to help Hal reach his full, totally awe-inspiring, potential while simultaneously enjoying every single minute.  It’s so great to watch them improve!
Linda Bean recently added a mini ‘Morgan’ horse to her big brood, Lilly, and Lilly is has been spending some quality time with Auntie Kim.  Lilly is learning trust humans again, and she’s coming a long way out of her hole!  Meanwhile, Linda practices presence and independence while playing with her other two, Izzie and Koter.
Jennie Evans is the proud owner of Elke, a grey arabian mare.  Elke, by all accounts, has come a long way from her past life, and with 3 Peas in a Pony, Elke continues to improve by leaps and bounds.  As of this spring, Jennie is now back in the saddle and while Elke practices listening to what her rider says, Jennie practices ‘speaking’ clearly.  I’m so excited for the two of them!
Maddy Helier has just begun her jumping career with her newly leased friend, Dime.  Dime has had a few months off while his owner, Sara Windley, was off to clean stalls and feed horses in California.  And with Maddy, Dime is quickly getting his body and his brain back into shape as they both prepare for an exciting 2012 show season.  Maddy and Dime are working hard and they are lucky to have one another; they each keep the other on their toes!
Zoe Smith rides at Sweetwater Equestrian Center and owns Timmy, a very spunky 10 year old gelding who loves to strut his stuff over fences!  Zoe and Timmy have big competition plans this summer and they’re going to be practicing balance and independence as they work toward their goals.  Zoe and Timmy are going to be big stuff this year- watch out!!
Speaking of Zoe, Kelly Price and her horse, Zoe, are another fabulous addition to 3 Peas in a Pony.  Zoe is a very smart and talented thoroughbred mare who is bursting with enthusiasm for life, work, and perfection.  And as it turns out, we take after our horses; Kelly is learning that both she and her horse have a passion for all things goal-oriented, and they’re beginning to discover that they have the same plans!  I’m looking forward to watching all their practice bring them closer to enjoying one another!
Beth Haggett is also at the North Fields Barn, and she owns Lucia.  Beth and Lucia are beginning their introduction to Eventing and I can’t wait to see the two of them showing off their jumping position, their perfectly balanced canter, and the nicest jumping you’ll ever see.  Beth and Lucia are focused, attentive, athletic, and they’re in it to win it!!
Welcome to everyone!!:)