Hey everyone!
This is our last Pegasus Mini Event and we’re going to make it a good one! 🙂
Here is the schooling schedule for Friday cross country:
Truffle and Lola
Keegan, Jillian, Ahdena, Kacie
Sophie, Lizzie, Will
Andie, Melissa, Ruby, Mariam
As far as getting to the show:
For those traveling in my trailer, it will be parked up front and you can load your things Thursday evening or Friday morning. The keys to the trailer are in the mailbox- please lock and return when you’re finished. Here is the trailering schedule:
In Andie/Melissa’s trailer
Clark, Bells, Riata, Skip
In my trailer:
Cedar, Betty, Teddy, Grace Kelly
Kellie’s trailer:
Truffle and Lola
Ruby, Will and Kacie- we’ll meet you there!!:)
Don’t forget to bring two five gallon buckets for your horse, and we’ll collectively load hay. MY TRAILER WILL PULL OUT AT 11am. We’ll be staying overnight at Pegasus on Friday so bring your camping things, as well as your food, games, and good times 🙂
Invite your favorite friends and awesome family to cheer us along!!
Go Peas!!:)