Here are the deets on Golden Spike this weekend!
Sara’s trailer: Ringo, Runner, Bones
Kim’s trailer: Betty, Riata, GK, Hal
We’ll leave the barn at 7:30am on Friday. This’ll give everyone a chance to…
Arrive at GS by about 9:30 and set up stalls (water, set up tack, organize camping etc.)
Here are schooling dressage times:
12-12:30 Anika
12:30-1 Sara
1-1:30 Ruby G
1:30-2 Bajian
2-2:30 Ellen
2:30-3 Jillian
3-3:30 Lizzie
3:30-4 Zoe
4-4:30 Mariam
4:30-5 Faith
5-5:30 Kacie
If you have any trouble with these times, let me know and I’ll see if I can switch you!
And then after you ride dressage, you’ll be diligently worker bees cleaning tack, bathing, and braiding for your extraordinary ‘skillz’ on Saturday morning. I’m SO looking forward to watching everyone do what they do best!😎
We’ll walk stadium bright and early on Saturday morning. The time is TBD!
Y’all know the routine. I’m so excited for a funnnnn weekend! Call me with any questions!!