Here are ride times and partner pairings for The Showcase this coming Saturday at North Fields- yippee:
10:30-10:50: Ahdena and Genevieve (Riata)
10:50-11:10: Jan and Georgia (Cotton)
11:10-11:30: Katie(Satine) and Clara D.
11:30-11:50: Keegan and Chloe (Cotton)
11:50-12:10: Mimi and Tatum(Riata)
1:00-1:30: Zoe and Elle (Cotton) and Aisling (Satine)
1:30-2:00: Lizzie and Clara (Cotton) and Grace (Satine)
2:00-2:20: Jillian and Abi (Cotton)
If your partner is someone whom you haven’t yet bumped into at the barn, don’t worry; there’s nothing like a little overly-detailed and obsessively complex dressage riding to help bonds form!
For the veteran Peas, you can do ANY test of your choice: Beginner Novice through Training Level. You’ll let me know (the judge-extraordinare!) which test you’re riding when you enter the ring. For the Spring Peas, you’ll be doing the USDF Intro tests A, B, or C depending on which test you learned with Ms. Sara. IF you don’t know your test, DON’T PANIC!:). The beauty of this fun showcase is that your partner will help you, showering you with all their wealth of experience in the dressage ring (and the veteran Peas are sMart!). So, if you need to learn/remind yourself of your dressage test the day of The Showcase, there’ll be plenty of time to think it over as well as other rides to watch to help you memorize.
You’ll notice that a few of the ‘Spring Peas’ are sharing rides on some of our spectacular schooling ponies: Satine, Riata, and Cotton. I’m sure you’ll all be helpful to other Peas as we transition back and forth, not to mention cheering on one another! Ms. Sara will be available in the outdoor arena to help all of the younger Peas warm up, however; I know that some of your more experienced partners have a grrrrreat eye for some good dressage riding, so don’t be shy asking your partner for a little advice!
Because the indoor arena will be busy hosting some stellar dressage rides, the contents of the schooling locker will be in the main barn in a stall so if you normally use schooling tack, you’ll be able to access any tack/brushes without disturbing any of the rides.
There’ll be plenty of room for spectators and audience and all the family, so invite whomever you think would enjoy spending some time at the barn. Lunch is a potluck affair, so bring a dish to share: salads, sandwiches, dessert, you name it; we’ll be hungry horse-people so no food will go to waste! Don’t worry about bringing plates and utensils- we’ll provide the other necessary picnic items!
**It may be best to leave your pooch at home for Saturday, given that you’ll want your other four-legged friend to be your focus:)
PRIZES!!! Prizes will be awarded not just for nice riding and low-scoring dressage tests, but also for teamwork, memorization, and other logistical brilliance! Prizes will be awarded at 2:30 so if you can’t stick around until the afternoon, we’ll hold your booty for you:)
Any questions?? Call Kim! Otherwise, we’ll see you on Saturday!
Sit up tall!!