Hey Team!

We’ll call this another day in the life of an EVER-flexible, ultra-fluid, take-it-as-it-comes Horse Person, and I’m SO proud of everyone for trekking on when every day is something different!  Hey, it’s practice for living our lives with our never consistent four-legged loved ones.❤️

Firstly, Operation North Fields Disinfect is in force and it’s easy-peasy, so two thumbs up for that success!  There’s soap at all the spigots and bottles of Clorox with water in the schooling locker and at the front picnic table.  Just spray away, kids! 🚿

We’ve decided, though, to hold off on hosting the jump clinic this weekend- No Clinic this Friday and Saturday.  We’d hate to have anyone feel pressured to attend, or worse, feeling overwhelmed with horsey FOMO and committed to Insta-stalking. This would be no bueno .🤳🏻  So…since the USEA and USEF have suspended events for the next two weeks to thirty days, and the start of our show season is lazily drifting later into the spring anyway, we figured there’s nothing we have to gear up for riiiiiight now anyway making it simple to hold off on our home turf shenanigans. 🏈   As it stands, we’ll keep XC schooling on the calendar but we’ll, well, “take it as it comes!”

That being said, we welcome all those who wish to join us for lessons and while we’ll be sensitive to offering as much space between you as we can, if there’s anything we can do to accommodate your individual lesson preferences, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Have a fabulous evening!🌈