Now that we’re all jumped and ready to go, let’s get to SKYLINE!!!
There’s not much to outline yet, but here’s the general jist:
We’ll leave the barn at 10am and get to Mt. Pleasant at Noon.  This will give everyone enough time to get their ponies settled.  I’m not sure if we have SJ schooling rounds available and if so, what time they’d be, but let’s plan to do some type of schooling (SJ or dressage) from about 1pm to 4:30-ish.  We’ll have a more exact schedule later in the week!
Ahdena’s trailer: Gani and Balou
Kim’s trailer: Gigi, Betty, Bones, Satine
Annnnnnd, let me know if…
1. You won’t be around on Thursday morning to help load your horse (and you’ll meet us at the show).
2. If you need someone watching your pony for you on Thursday evening.  I’m assuming you’re all staying either in a hotel or on site, but just in case:)
More info to follow- CAN’T WAIT!!!!:))))