Hi Peas!

First and foremost, we want to remind you all that we care about YOU! ❤️

We consider the barn one of the best places for you and your kids to spend time: out in the fresh air with your furry friends!  However, we want to contribute to the ongoing containment efforts for Covid-19 and we will do our part to keep everyone happy and healthy. So, whhhaaat does that mean?

  • North Fields Stables and Manager Margaret will disinfect daily the following communal spaces: the patio table and chairs; the grain room door; the schooling locker door; and the porta-potty.
  • There will be soap available for hand washing at the barn.
  • Sara, Cara, and I will disinfect all schooling tack after each lesson and spray down brushes.
  • And we’ll remind you all not to hug joyously when you’ve had a particularly amazing ride (this is a tough one!)👭

As far as what we need from you, please use your best judgement:

  • Stay home if you’re not feeling 100%.
  • Wash your hands before you come to the barn and when you’re at the barn.
  • No borrowing tack and stick to the things in your own locker.
  • No sharing food and/water.
  • Don’t sneeze on your friend.
  • And keep having FUN!💃🏻

Now…if any of you would prefer to do your own thing this spring, we totally get it!  For example, if you’ve scheduled lessons, you can easily cancel those at the top of your confirmation page.  If you’re on for taking lessons but you aren’t feeling your best, we won’t charge you for missing your lesson (and we never do!). If you’re part of the Spring Pea Program and you’d like to sit out your remaining classes, then Ms. Cara will be offering a makeup some time in summer and you can let me know!

As for our upcoming schedule, below is how (if at all) we’ll modify our events:

March 20-22 3 Peas Jump Clinic: Basically, there’ll be no amazingly delicious snacks🍿 Darn. But, feel free to bring your own nosh and we’ll spread you auditors around the farm so you’re not breathing down one another’s necks.  And, we’ll have hand sanit

March 28 Cross-Country Schooling at Skyline: Sometimes I haul a truckload of kids in my truck and we drive off into the sunset.  Maybe this time, we’ll spread the love amongst you parents for drivers and we can have slightly more room amongst kiddos.  Aaaand, more hand sanitizer.

April 4 2-phase Event at Skyline: I’m up in the air on our attendance for this one.  The Skyline committee said they’re required to keep the event under 75 people, which means limiting/excluding spectators.  Given that we Peas tend to come with our own entourage, and I love nothing more than having you parents cheering on kiddos from the sidelines📣, I’m thinking this event may not be suited for us under these circumstances.  If any of you are interested in attending, however, get in touch with me- I’ll take a head count and then we can decide! Either way, we’ll have, erm, hand sanitizer!

April 8 Team Training: This falls under the rule of “no joyous hugging when you have a killer ride” and that’s what we’ll mandate.  However, since I’ve seen our Team Training attendance sky rocket, I’ve been meaning to adjust groups slightly anyway to keep numbers more manageable and that’s exactly what I’ll do📋  So, if you’re planning on attending Team Training on this date, I’ll keep y’all apprised of a change in the order of go and our groups may be slightly smaller (and we’ll hopefully be riding outside).  And guess what?  We’ll have hand sanitizer!

April 12-14 Adult Spring Camp and Fresno Cty Horse Park: I’m thinking that the camp will stay on for right now.  We’re going to be in Mesquite in a verrrry quiet barn with our favorite trainer, Wendy.  However, because California has limited group sizes and USEF has cancelled shows for the next 30 days, I suspect this will also mean that FCHP will too be cancelled.

And let’s not think any farther ahead than that just yet…because that makes my head spin! 💨 Let’s, however, chew on this and while keeping in mind that we’re meant to be having FUN, here’s a reminder that you need to rsvp to me if you’re planning on attending any of these events!  Our 3 Peas Jump Clinic is coming up next Friday (reeeeally soon) and I’ll be doing the schedule on Tuesday.  Let me know by next Monday if you’re coming to play!

If you have any questions or concerns or general confusion, you know how to find me: email, phone, or on horseback😘

Enjoy a quiet weekend with your families!